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Sadhikaratha Foundation derives its vigour and proficiency from its parent organisation, APMAS (for more details visit


Sadhikaratha Foundation has expertise in the areas of Poverty Alleviation – Rural and Urabn, Education, Gender Equity, Rights-based Advocacy, Watershed Development, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Livelihoods Promotion and in the areas where development interventions are required.


Sadhikaratha Foundation, a not-for-profit Company, was incorporated on 13 January 2012 under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 (No.1 of 1956) (presently under Section 8 of Companies Amendement Act, 2013). The promoters and the first Directors of the Company are eminent personalities, Shri. K. Madhava Rao, IAS (Retd) and Dr. Nandita Ray, who with their vision and exemplary work, have been contributing to the holistic development of society, especially the underprivileged communities. Sadhikaratha Foundation (SF) functions under the dynamic leadership of Shri. C.S Reddy, who has more than 25 years of experience in the development sector.

  • Provide capacity building, monitoring and evaluation services to diverse stakeholders and assist them in mobilizing financial, technical and other resources for socio-economic empowerment of the poor and women.

  • Undertake development programs, including project implementation, piloting innovations, and disseminating appropriate products, services and technologies either directly or through a network of civil society and community-based organizations towards achieving inclusive growth

  • Consultancy services in the realms of social development and economic empowerment of the poor communities, including organizations and institutions


The organisation is supported by APMAS which has vast experience through a decade's involvement in the SHG sector in particular and development sector in general. Sadhikaratha Foundation offers the following products and services either directly or through a consortium to enable people’s institutions achieve self-reliance and sustainability.


Institutional Capacity Building Services (ICB) to Government and Non-Governmental Organizations

• Offers ICB services to Self Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Governance, Financial Management, Developing Systems and Structures, and Visioning
• Conducts trainings to chief functionaries, training of trainers programs to core staff / middle management staff and provides on the job support in building the internal capacities of the institutions.
• Supports SHPIs in promotion and facilitation of Self Regulation elements in CBOs.

Research Studies, Baseline Studies, Project Assessments, Monitoring & Evaluations, Process Documentation and Feasibility Studies

• Provides bouquet of consultancy services on its own and/or collaboration with academic, research and other institutions in the field of research viz., studies, project assessments, process documentation, feasibility studies, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes funded by government, national and international donors
• Engages interns from premier institutions across the world

  • Quality Assessments, Ratings and NGO Accreditation

    • Pilots concepts and innovations in the field of Microfinance and Livelihoods to promote self-reliance of the SHGs and their federations - Rating of community based microfinance institutions (CBMFIs) is one of the innovations undertaken by SF in the microfinance sector in the country.
    • Takes up rating of the other community based organisations like Producer cooperatives, Local Governance Bodies and other CBOs and supports in developing customized assessment / rating tools.
    • Undertakes systematic process of accreditation of NGOs to support and strengthen partnerships between NGOs and government / private agencies.
  • Trainings and Exposure visits

    • SF organizes well-designed trainings and field immersion programs for professional staff of various organizations engaged in promoting people’s institutions to build conceptual clarity on various aspects related to good governance, and management practices.
    • Provides opportunity to learn from various experiences & best practices and offers clear direction to SHPIs in facilitating CBOs into sustainable institutions.
  • Diploma courses on Community Based Microfinance and livelihood promotion

    • Conducts certificate courses / Diploma courses to build capacities of diverse stakeholders on Community Based Microfinance and livelihood promotion by collaborating with mainstream academic institutions and resource organizations.
  • Offers follow up services and guidance to ensure learning leads to practicing

    • Knowledge Management – Information Education Communication (IEC), Publications, Films, Policy Briefs and Case Studies
    • Develops and designs IEC materials in the areas of financial inclusion, livelihood promotion for enhancing awareness, knowledge to the primary and secondary stakeholders CBOs and SHPIs as well as for advocacy and policy influencing.
    • Hand Books, Self Learning Materials, Brochures, Posters, Pamphlets, Training Manuals, Stimulation Games and Audio Visuals
    • Technical Series, Policy Briefs, Case studies and Case lets
  • IT based Support Services and Tools

    • Provides IT based support services and tools for SHPIs and CBOs to improve the skills of the management in assessing the performance of programs / services and support them in strengthening decision making structures and improving the overall performance of the institutions.
  • Piloting Innovations

    • Undertakes piloting innovations in the areas of financial inclusion, livelihoods promotion and mainstreaming gender in people’s institutions to improve the overall performance in terms of good governance, access to services, higher returns and sustainability
    • Provides platform for sharing, learning and linking with the best practices and undertakes measures for replication and up scaling

Board of Directors

The team at Sadhikaratha Foundation is very energetic, diverse and brings in a wide range of expertise and knowledge. Our team is a set of very highly skilled professionals from both industry and academia. The senior staff are engaged in designing research studies, training of trainers programs, developing training modules & resource materials and conducting training programs for staff of various Government Programmes, NGOs, Bankers and the social capital of the SHG federations & community based organizations.

C.S. Reddy

Mr. Kaki Madhava Rao

IAS (Retd.), Chairman-APMAS

Mr. Kaki Madhava Rao, IAS (Retd.), Chairman-APMAS Mr. K. Madhava Rao took steps as sub-Collector, Narsipatnam, Vishakapatnam District during 1964 to 1966 later he executed many esteemed positions as Settlement Officer, Secretary to GOI (Ministry of Home Affairs), Deputy Director of Census Operations, Collector & District Magistrate - Warangal Dist., D.G., Public Enterprises Management Board - Industries Department, M.D., AP State SCs & STs Coop. Housing Societies Federation - Social Welfare Department, Secretary - General Administration Department, Special Officer & Commissioner-Vijayawada Municipality, Secretary - Agriculture Department, Principal Secretary - Irrigation Department, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Special Chief Secretary & Development Commissioner-AP-Finance Department, Chief Secretary to Government, Advisor to Governor - Bihar State during President's Rule, Director - NALSAR, Chairman - High Power Committee for Urban Cooperative Banks - Reserve Bank of India, He accomplished as State Election Commissioner during 1999 to 2004.

C.S. Reddy

Nandita Ray

Chairperson, Outreach

Nandita Ray is a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Considerable part of her professional association spanning over 35 years has been for the social sector holding very senior level positions for various organizations as well as an independent consultant. She began her professional career at Hindustan Lever Limited Bombay in the year 1970 and since then she has been holding official position of difference cial organizations viz., MD – Mahila Super Bazaar- Andhra Pradesh; Director – Outreach, Karnataka, Trustee – Samakhya etc., During the past 35 years she has been engaged as Consultant (Independent and Associate) for various national and international organizations engaged in development sector namely World Bank, NoviB, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC/IC, Central Social Welfare Board, and Centre for Economic and Social Studies.

C.S. Reddy

Dr. Pamidi Kotaiah

IAS (Retd.), Fomer Chairman-NABARD

Dr. Pamidi Kotaiah served as the Chairman at NABARD from 1992 to 1998. Dr. Kotaiah has rich experience in Management, Banking and Finance. He worked with RBI/NAB ARD from 1961 to 1992. His past experience includes working with international/ multilateral institutions including the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Rome, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the World Bank. He has been a Non-Executive & Independent Director for Andhra Sugars Limited since April 27, 2001. He serves as Member of Group Advisory Council of NSL Group of Companies Pvt Ltd.

C.S. Reddy

Mr. C.S. Reddy

Sadhikaratha Foundation

Mr. C.S. Reddy has over 22 years of experience in the development sector, particularly in the microfinance and livelihood sectors focusing on community based model of microfinance. Mr. Reddy has extensively written and spoke about the SHG movement in India and the strategies to sustain the movement. Mr. Reddy worked with CARE International in India for a period of 12 years. He provided advisory and consultancy services to the IFAD, World Bank, DFID, CGAP, GTZ, CARE, CRS, Raks Thai Foundation of Thailand, State Governments and a large number of NGOs in India.He is presently a member of the India Planning Commission constituted Steering Committee on Rural Livelihoods & Rural Governance for the 12th Five Year Plan. He also chairs a Working Group on National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) to make recommendations for the next five years.

  • Sadhikaratha Foundation
    Board of Directors
    # Name Affiliation Designation
    1 Shri. K. Madhava Rao,
    IAS (Retd)
    Former Chief
    Secretary, GoAP
    2 Dr. P. Kotaiah Former Chairman,
    3 Dr. Nandita Ray Chairperson, Outreach DIRECTOR
    4 Ms M. Srimani Management Executive,
    Progressive Constructions.Ltd
    6 Ms. B. Sirisha Legal Team Lead,
    Hetero Pharmaceuticals



Promoting Urban SHG federations under SPUR, Government of Bihar

The Urban Development and Housing Department (UD & HD), Government of Bihar is being supported by the Department for International Development (DFID) to implement the Support Programme for Urban Reforms (SPUR) in Bihar. One of the key interventions under SPUR has been the identification, mobilization and organization of women residents of slums in the project towns to facilitate their access to livelihood opportunities to improve their income and overall wellbeing.

SF as a technical agency was awarded to form and nurture three tier structure of community institutions in 45 towns of Bihar under National Urban livelihood Mission later rechristened as Din Dayal Antodya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission ( DAY-NULM) vide letter No.SPUR-PMU/145/SHG-FDRN/2014/157 dated 19 May 2014. The overall and specific objectives of the project are given below:

Overall Objective:

To form and strengthen Federations of Women SHGs at Town (45) and State (1) level over a period of three years.
Specific Objectives:
1. Promote 45 town level SHG Federations and one state level Federation
2. Provide support to ULBs to nurture minimum 6000 SHGs in 28 SPUR and minimum 3000 SHGs in 17 non SPUR NULM towns
3. Facilitate the registration process of the town and state level Federations under a suitable Act/legal instrument
4. Nurture leadership abilities in the SHG Federations
5. Develop financial & administrative systems within the Federations
6. Develop systems to provide Revolving Fund to SHGs
7. Nurture the SHG Federations to act as umbrella organizations for SHGs to leverage funds for income generation
8. Liaise with stakeholders to access resources to promote appropriate business activities at the town level; and promote producer groups/organization

The SPUR team:

There is a team of 45 Project officers (POs), 17 Social Mobilisers (SM) and 120 Community Organisers (COs) supported by Project Manager, Trainers, data entry operator and accounts. The State team is further supported by technical team of head office under leadership and guidance President of Sadhikaratha Foundation.

Consultancies - Technical support in Governance, Financial Management, Self Regulation of SHGs and SHG federations, Visioning, Trainings, Social Audits

The SHG sector is growing at a rapid pace and becoming more complex and competitive; the promoters are finding themselves in short of capacities and skills to keep up themselves in changing scenario. In this connection SF is offering consultancy services to Self Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) as well as the community based institutions in Governance, Financial Management, systems, visioning etc. To build the internal capacities of the institutions on various aspects, SF conducts trainings to chief functionaries, core staff / middle management staff. SF also supports SHPIs in promotion and facilitation of Self Regulation elements in SHGs and SHG Federations promoted themselves. The consultancy services provided to the SHPIs and CBOs are covers the following areas:
Strengthening Governance
Developing Systems
Financial Management
Implantation of Self Regulation
Financial Literacy
Learning and Exposure

  • Developing / Offering Courses and Trainings

    Developing / Offering Courses and Trainings While working with diverse stakeholders, it was realised that, SHPIs capacities are limited in promotion and facilitation of CBOs in delivering microfinance and livelihood services to its members. Considering the massive scale up requirements, there is considerable work that needs to be done. In the past, several resource organizations have emerged to meet the growing need for capacity building of Government authorities, SHPIs and also of the SHGs and SHG federations. However, the efforts have not been well-coordinated to maximize the impact. In this context SF felt the need for developing certificate course / Diploma courses on Community Based Microfinance and livelihood promotion by collaborating with mainstream education institutions / resource organisations. The target group for these courses are
    • NGO, Government departments, Government projects, Special Projects staff
    • Federation Managers
    • Community Resource Persons
    • Federation Board members
    • Fresh young graduates to develop them as a cadre for the sector
  • Material Development - publications, films, policy briefs, case studies

    The Capacity Building initiatives of SF focus on facilitating CBOs to become sustainable member-owned and member-managed institutions. The capacity building services are provided through a Training of Trainers (ToT), trainings mode and followed up with mentoring and hand holding support to SHPIs to strengthen the SHGs and SHG federations. To achieve the objectives of capacity building, different capacity building materials in the form of Technical series, hand books, self learning material, audiovisuals, brochures and manuals will be developed for creating better awareness, knowledge to the CBOs and SHPIs.

    From its past experience it is realised that financial literacy has helped improving financial literacy among SHG members and ensuring legal compliance as per their legal form, including conduct of annual general body meeting, elections by secret ballot and annual planning etc for improving transparency and accountability at all levels. SF will support in developing / customise required financial literacy modules, training materials, films in Indian languages and also developing ICT materials.
  • Promoting financial literacy

    SHG movement is rapidly growing in the country. Government being a major promoter, SHGs and SHG federations are increasing dependent on external human and financial resources. Focuses of these institutions are also shifting from internal resource mobilization (mandatory savings, profit) to lending through subsidized bank borrowings. This situation called for need for spreading the concept/awareness of financial literacy and to build knowledge and skills among SHG members. In this connection SF will support apex institution like NABARD, ISMW, State Governments in the following areas

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